Where do you want to go?

Everyone has their own ideas about where they want their business to go.  You dream, you plan, and one day you’re ready to take off. But do you really know how to get “there”?

 Getting there is the hardest part…but it doesn’t have to be.

Achieving your goal takes a team of experts with the right experience to bring your plans to life. It takes effective branding. It takes an understanding of how digital has penetrated all aspects of our lives. It takes a focus on connecting you to just the right audience at the right time. That’s where we come in.

Haivanti gets you there.

Haivanti is made up of creative pioneers who work relentlessly to bring you imaginative solutions that take your business exactly where it needs to go.  What makes us special is our ability to combine innovation with established strategy and to adapt to whatever your individual needs are. The only constant nowadays is change, and we know that by bringing a flexible approach we can literally take you anywhere. Today they call this type of versatility innovation but to us it’s always just been second nature.

What makes our work special is that it is judged by how well it works and not just how good it looks. With our capabilities we can make almost anything but we know it’s just better to do what’s best. .

 Whether getting you off the ground or taking you to the stars, the guidance you receive from our talented team of top industry professionals is always top-notch, but what would you expect from a team designed to help your business take off?
Using a recommendation from a mutual group of friends, I hired Avi and Haivanti to create a website for my upcoming coffee business. His understanding of the processes of building this business and how the website can best optimize itself within the business is unparalleled. He and his staff have become the people I rely on to keep my business up and running, as well as my friend and family, who need website/marketing/etc needs. 

I don't even consider the interactions as customer service, due to how close we actually worked. Avi became part of my organization, caring about my product and how he can help make me successful. 

I highly recommend Avi. His forward thinking is essential for your business!

Simon Springer

Executive Director at CDI: South Bend